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Giving Back

Jennifer Barnes

The Edward Ervin Guy Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Communicative Disorders, established in 2014, aims to give back to the students working to help those with language, speech, and hearing disorders.

The scholarship allowed Summer Ensor, a 2019 recipient and communicative disorders major, to take classes over the summer and participate in the Undergraduate Clinic at the UA Speech and Hearing Center, an invaluable experience to her as a future speech-language pathologist.

“I was able to have my first two clients over the summer and conduct speech therapy,” Ensor said. “It made me competitive when applying to graduate school, and was a great talking point in interviews.”

It provided her with insight into the private practice setting and the different fields and populations she could work with. Throughout her undergraduate career, Ensor also participated in clinic and research with Dr. Memorie Gosa, through which she found her interest in pediatric swallowing. Ensor is now continuing her education at UA in speech-language pathology and has been offered a graduate assistantship.

Jennifer Barnes, now a licensed speech-language pathologist, received the scholarship in 2019, as well. After shadowing different therapists, she fell in love with the dysphagia side of speech therapy, which involves difficulties with feeding and swallowing. Barnes uses the knowledge she gained during her time at UA of feeding and swallowing disorders and treatments every day in her current job of treating children with dysphagia.

Barnes was, above all, appreciative to be nominated for the scholarship.

“I was able to put the scholarship on my resume, which ultimately aided in getting a job after graduate school,” Barnes said. “More than anything, receiving the scholarship was a huge honor, and I am so grateful to Mr. Edward Guy for giving me the opportunity to receive the scholarship.”


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